Creating the Ultimate Summer Look

We all have felt the struggle, and believe me, the struggle is real when it comes to putting together that perfect look! You have a certain goal and look in mind, but when it comes to pulling it all together, you leave your wardrobe in udder disappointment. We have all been there, and done that! But, one of the best ways to get the complete and ultimate look you crave is to put it all together in the store, or bringing in the pieces that you have at home already into the store. By doing this, you don’t have to wonder if it will all go together just the way you want it when you get home!

At Renegade, we help customers, men and women, along with all those littlest of cowboys and cowgirls too, find the perfect and complete look for any event or occasion. Now that the weather is starting to heat up, OK, let’s be real, we live in Nebraska and the weather sometimes just doesn’t want to cooperate, but the heat will set in and stay soon (fingers crossed)! We have some adorable looks that you are not going to want to miss out on.


Lookin’ Good Cowboy!

First off, let’s start with those hard-working, and hard-playing, cowboys out there! Renegade carries a large selection of short sleeved western shirts in both snap and button closures. A lot of these shirts now have breathable materials that help to wick the moisture away from your skin to keep you cooler too. We also have some comfortable and light-weight polo shirts that are perfect for those hot days when you want something a little dressier than a tee. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns and colors, guys. Show off your own unique and fun style and personality!



Where Are All the Ladies At?

Now, for the ladies. It is really fun to see the bohemian look still hot right now, but bold colors and fun prints are just as popular! Step out of your comfort zone this year and really turn those heads. Make a statement from your hat to your boots, with help from Renegade. You deserve to look your best, and we have the perfect layering pieces, jewelry, and casual shoes/sandals for you and your wardrobe! Now, what if you are needing a dress for an upcoming wedding, shower, or special occasion? Stop on in, or check us out online. We have a huge selection of adorable dresses that are just waiting for you! Add those sassy and fun accessories and really step out feeling like a million bucks!



Grab Those Shades

And the finishing touches are all at Renegade too! What is the best summertime accessory to have(besides a cold drink in your hand:)? That perfect pair of sunglasses. Renegade carries Bex Sunglasses. These sunglasses have all the comfort, durability, and protection that you could ever imagine, and they come in some amazing styles that you cannot go wrong with. Check out these bad boys today!




Those Adorable Kiddos

Don’t forget about those littlest of country kiddos! Renegade has the best of the top western brands that you know and trust for your little cowgirls and cowboys. I mean, “Mama, why not let your baby grow up to be a cowboy”? They may be little, but they like to strut around in their own unique style.



We Missed You!

Yes, it really has been a while since our last new blog post, and I vow that it will never be that long in between blogs again! But, in my defense, we have been pretty busy here at Renegade. For those of you who do not know, we opened a new location in Sioux Falls, SD at The Empire Mall late last fall. Now, Renegade is proud to have two physical locations and a booming online store to boot. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity to serve you, our amazing customers!  

Also, if you have been missing out on our Facebook contests, stop it and get on the band wagon!  We love our Facebook followers too, and we like to post our newest products, displays, looks, and events to our Facebook page first.  We have also been known to give a lot of different things away from shopping sprees, merchandise, event tickets, and huge savings to our Facebook followers.  If you haven’t already, check us out on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook today.  Like us on Facebook and make sure to follow us, this way you don’t miss out on all of the Renegade fun!

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What’s This Ferrini?…..


In our search to find you the best products at the best value, we ran across Ferrini Boots.  After looking at these great boots, of course we jumped on board.  Now, the brand is not as commonly known as some of our other brands, so I wanted to give you some information on these awesome boots!  



“The Ferrini Italia brand originates from generations of commerce in exotic skins and premium leathers , procuring  quality natural leathers from locations such as Africa, Indonesia, Argentina, Asia,  Australia and Louisiana and shipping to the finest boot and shoe craftsmen in the world.  Today, the fourth generation of the family takes advantage of this expertise, combining original designs and styling from their Italian shoes with centuries old connections to North American boot making traditions to produce a specialty line of exclusive leather products with careful attention to detail and finish.

“Ferrini’s worldwide access of leathers and full control of the process from procurement through tanning creates the unique opportunity to make a perfect choice of premium material for each unique style of handcrafted boot or shoe.  The result is better quality which means better fit and ultimate comfort.  Combine this quality with ever-evolving unique and exotic styles and you have a classic choice for every purpose and occasion and for every budget.

Each pair of Ferrini boots are handcrafted and include leather soles and lining, orthopedic cushioned foot bed and hand driven wooden pegs.  Ferrini’s full line of boots include:

Genuine Exotics:         Styles available in Caiman Crocodile, Lizard, Ostrich, Alligator, Kangaroo and Python.

Exotic Prints:               Quality leather boots with lasting exotic imprints originating from precision plates developed by Italian craftsmen.  Available in Caiman, Anteater, Alligator, Stingray, Sea Turtle, Python, Snake, Elephant and Ostrich.   A million dollar look with a leather boot price point!

Classic Leather:           Premium leather boots with styles ranging from classic western to our uniquely western influenced fashion boots.” (Information taken from


We offer all those ladies out there some great styles to choose from.  So, jump on the Ferrini bandwagon, we guarantee that you won’t regret it!

Shop with us in store or online 24/7!



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It’s Time to Board the Crazy Train…..

It’s Time to Board the Crazy Train…..


Are you always looking for something different?  So are we!  That is why we now carry the Crazy Train line of products in store and online!  If you want something that stands out and lasts, look no further!!


These shoes are great for hitting the gym or running errands.  The quality is great and the look is fantastic!  (These shoes do run a little small so order up.)

1 2

Tunics and leggings are hot!  So why not get comfort and style with Crazy Train and Renegade!

21  3

Tanks and Tees O My!!  These are adorable and functional.  Great colors and patterns make these all the rage!



So if fun, creative, and one-of-a-kind are a part of your wardrobe and style, stop in to Renegade today!  If you cannot stop in and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates get you decked out, shop online 24/7 at!


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Jewelry, Perfume, and Purses Oh My…..


It’s almost Valentine’s Day.  For some of us, it is a dreaded day of the year, but for others, it is a loved day (literally!).  What do you get the special someone for Valentine’s Day?  How much candy can one person consume?  Flowers just die…that makes them so worth the money that they cost for this day!  So why not think a little more practical this year?  Get them something that they can actually use and love!


Ren13egade has a wide selection of jewelry in stock.  We carry Montana Silversmiths, Rock 47, S2ilver Strike, and more.  Anything from rings to necklaces and everything in between.  What’s even better is that ours won’t break the bank!  Check out our jewelry online for ideas.



Let’s not forget about perfume and cologne as a gift option.  What better than giving that special someone a scent that you love too?!  I personally love this idea for Valentine’s Day.  We have a wide variety of scents for both ladies and men.


Ok, so another great gift idea is a new purse or wallet.  Renegade carries ladies’ purses with matching wallets if you so choose.  If you’re looking for that special man in your life, why not get him a new billfold or wallet?  We have TONS of options in this department.  Can’t decide on which one to get?  No worries!  Just let one of our knowledgeable, friendly sales associates help you!


Of course we do carry all the different options of clothing and footwear that you or your loved one could possibly dream of.  There is nothing wrong with getting them something to wear out on a night on the town!  From your hat to your boots, Renegade will have you covered.


So this Valentine’s Day, think outside of the Hallmark box!  Stop in to Renegade and let us show you something that your loved one will love with a price that you will love.  After all, do you really want to spend your hard earned money on something that melts or dies?! 



We Wish You a Happy New Year!…..


From all of us at Renegade, to all of you and yours, Happy 2015!   We want to wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead! As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in the your heart forever!

We look forward to serving you in 2015! 

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” — Mother Teresa



We Wish You a Merry Christmas!…..


Renegade would just like to take a minute and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! We “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of Renegade. We wish you all a great Christmas, and we look forward to serving you in 2015!


Wrap ‘Em and Tag ‘Em…..


It’s almost Christmas, as hard as that is to believe, and just like you, we are busy with the last minute shopping, baking, and of course wrapping.  Now last Christmas, I gave you some “untraditional” ways to wrap those treasures.  This year though, I want to show you some ways to get creative while tagging them!

I know, believe me I know, that it is way easier and quicker to go and buy those lovely sticker ones from most any major retailer.  But, why not make a statement this year?  Why not have those receiving your gifts feel just a little more special?  These tag ideas don’t have to take half of the month of December to make!  Some of these are quick, easy, and unique, but leave your presents looking even better than Santa’s.  Here are just a few ideas to craft up your gifts:


Let’s start with some very eye-catching but simple ideas.  Take the either the pre-bought stock tags or make some of your own out of card stock or heavy weight craft paper and decorate with old sheet music!  It is so simple and beautiful.  Add some buttons, rhinestones, or bows to finish it off!  


This tag is super simple.  Once again, start with a pre-bought or make a tag template.  Add some cotton balls and a couple of tiny sticks to make a snowman.  Top him off with a sharpie and you are set!

4 9 8

Who knew that paint samples can be so festive!?  Check out these great ideas for making tags out of paint samples!  Very simple and adorable!


Fabric tags could quite possibly be some of my favorite gift tags.  Just take your tag template and glue some fabric of your choice on.  Add a piece of card stock in the center to write names on, or just marker the names right on the fabric. 


I LOVE this one!  Cut out your tag from paper or newpaper.  Paint a swatch of chalkboard paint onto the center of tag and let dry.  Write their name in chalk to complete the tag!  Try it using different chalk paint colors and different backgrounds.


Who doesn’t like Scrabble?  Take those pesky letters and create a tag that is truly a one and only.  You can glue the letters to your tag, or even make them into a key chain for use all year long!


Use a recipe card for your name tags this year!  Give that special person a little extra gift with a recipe printed or handwritten on the back of the tag.  This is something that is sure to please!

12 2

The ideas and possibilities are endless!  And part of the fun is that there is no wrong way to do these!  So….get creative and have fun while tagging all of those precious gifts this year.  Don’t forget to check out those looks of approval and awe when they see that special touch on their present!

Remember, Renegade has gifts for everyone on your list!  If you can’t stop in, shop online with us at anytime day or night.  Happy wrapping and tagging and to all a good night!