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What’s This Ferrini?…..


In our search to find you the best products at the best value, we ran across Ferrini Boots.  After looking at these great boots, of course we jumped on board.  Now, the brand is not as commonly known as some of our other brands, so I wanted to give you some information on these awesome boots!  



“The Ferrini Italia brand originates from generations of commerce in exotic skins and premium leathers , procuring  quality natural leathers from locations such as Africa, Indonesia, Argentina, Asia,  Australia and Louisiana and shipping to the finest boot and shoe craftsmen in the world.  Today, the fourth generation of the family takes advantage of this expertise, combining original designs and styling from their Italian shoes with centuries old connections to North American boot making traditions to produce a specialty line of exclusive leather products with careful attention to detail and finish.

“Ferrini’s worldwide access of leathers and full control of the process from procurement through tanning creates the unique opportunity to make a perfect choice of premium material for each unique style of handcrafted boot or shoe.  The result is better quality which means better fit and ultimate comfort.  Combine this quality with ever-evolving unique and exotic styles and you have a classic choice for every purpose and occasion and for every budget.

Each pair of Ferrini boots are handcrafted and include leather soles and lining, orthopedic cushioned foot bed and hand driven wooden pegs.  Ferrini’s full line of boots include:

Genuine Exotics:         Styles available in Caiman Crocodile, Lizard, Ostrich, Alligator, Kangaroo and Python.

Exotic Prints:               Quality leather boots with lasting exotic imprints originating from precision plates developed by Italian craftsmen.  Available in Caiman, Anteater, Alligator, Stingray, Sea Turtle, Python, Snake, Elephant and Ostrich.   A million dollar look with a leather boot price point!

Classic Leather:           Premium leather boots with styles ranging from classic western to our uniquely western influenced fashion boots.” (Information taken from


We offer all those ladies out there some great styles to choose from.  So, jump on the Ferrini bandwagon, we guarantee that you won’t regret it!

Shop with us in store or online 24/7!



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Step Out In the Heat of the Summer…..


Ok….so most of us LOVE our boots come summer heat or winter winds, but every once in a while you just want something a little cooler!  Well, Renegade now has your back!  One of our most popular boat shoes is from Twisted X.  These fun, comfortable, and durable shoes are just what you would expect and more from one of your favorite boot brands.

All of these shoes come from Twisted X’s “Red Buckle Collection”.  This is a series of footwear that are constructed like all Twisted X boots and shoes, but they have incorporated newer and lighter weight materials and components for that added comfort. These boat shoes aren’t just for anyone, they are for you…..cowgirls and cowboys!


Now we understand that some of you are thinking,  “Boat Shoes?”.  Trust us!  These are shoes that have a western flair and all the comforts of your boots.  They are cooler in those summer months but durable enough to last you through those wintery months as well.

Come on in to Renegade, and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates help you try on a pair of these shoes today!  If you can’t come in to see us in person, no worries.  We are here for you 24/7 from your computer, phone, or ipad at:  Check out these shoes and step out into the heat of summer with comfort and style!



Graduations, Weddings, and Fairs Oh My…..


We have officially entered that time of year that seems to have us all running here and chasing there.  It seems that our weekends start to over flow with places to go and things to do.  From graduations to weddings and all of those events and parties in between.  It can be overwhelming!  Renegade® is here to help ease your struggles in getting to all of these events AND having to find that perfect gift to give and the perfect outfit for you and your family to wear while there.  While we can’t help get you there, we can make sure you look your best and bring the best gift!  Stop into the store today and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates help you pick out these must haves this spring/summer.  

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For that graduate, Renegade has Montana Silversmiths watches, wallets, picture frames, and gift cards in any amount, just for a few ideas.  When searching for the perfect wedding gift, Renegade has a wide selection of home decor for the happy bride and groom along with gift cards as well.  For Father’s Day, we have belts, billfolds, hats, cologne, and much, much more!  


Now for what to wear?!?  For those cowboys out there we have everything from suit jackets and vests to dress pants and jeans.  And to top it off, a new hat can complete your look.  Ladies, Renegade® has it all from dresses to jackets, jeans to knit tops, and of course the footwear to complete the overall look!  Don’t forget about the kiddos.  We have what it takes to make them look their best (now you’re on your own keeping them looking their best!:)).  


Can’t make it in store?  Don’t worry!  Shop with us online at anytime of the day or night, 7 days a week!  So, don’t go through this busy time of year alone.  Let Renegade® help get you ready to go!



Step Out in Minnetonka….


Renegade has been carrying Minnetonka brand moccasins , boots, slippers, and booties for quite some time now,  We think that we should take a little time and explain why we chose to carry this brand for you.  Some of the customer questions that I have had over the last year or so about Minnetonka pertain to the price and quality.  Yes, these products will run you more than the generic knock-offs that are all over the place now a days, but you are getting what you pay for!  Minnetonka brand is known for it’s use of premium hides and the exceptional quality of their products.  This in a nutshell, is why Renegade carries this brand for you, our valued customers.  We want to offer you the best!



“Since 1946, Minnetonka has been a staple of American style. As post-war Americans took to the highways exploring the country’s natural beauty, they stumbled upon resorts and souvenir shops carrying traditional handmade goods. And in the process, rediscovered America’s original footwear in Minnetonka moccasins.

Today, our products can be seen all around the world—from the Boundary Waters of Minnesota to the streets of New York, London, and Tokyo. No matter the footprint, all are made with the same uncompromising craftsmanship using only the finest quality materials. Minnetonka continues to define American culture with classic design that is forever connected to our natural, free-spirited heritage.



Minnetonka products are expertly hand-crafted using only the finest materials such as premium deerskin and moosehide. Each and every detail is a tribute to our roots in traditional moccasin footwear with authentic accents like fringe, beading and embroidery. The result is footwear with an enduring and distinctive style that is constructed to stand the test of time.” (

2Minnetonka is worn in 6 continents!  Also, Minnetonka can be seen being worn by those famous trend setters in and around Hollywood.  There is a reason why Minnetonka is so popular!  Renegade carries a wide selection of men’s, ladies, and kids so that you can create that amazing look for the whole family!3


There is a big difference between Minnetonka and the other, less expensive, brands.  Quality is something that really matters when it comes to fit and durability.  Stop in at Renegade today and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates show you our line of Minnetonka.  Can’t make it in?  No worries!  Renegade has an online store that is available from the comfort of your own home (and jammies for that matter), 27 hours a day seven days a week!  Check out Minnetonka and see why they are the leaders in their industry and why Renegade loves them as well!







Wind, Cold, and Calves Oh My……


It’s getting to be that time of the year again.  Yes, I’m talking about calving season!  And as you know, this time of year brings on more challenges than just those pertaining to our favored four-legged friends.  Mother nature does not always make calving this time of year easy either!  Between the extreme cold, high winds, and snow storms with everything in between, one can wonder what they were thinking at times.  This is where Renegade can help you out.  No, we are not buddy-buddy with Mother Nature, but we can help you prepare for what she has in store.


Here at Renegade, we have what you need to cover yourself from head to toe, no matter what the weather.  We carry Muck Boots, to keep your feet dry and warm on those cold, wet, nothing seems to go right, days.  Renegade also has a wide selection of Carhartt coats, bibs and coveralls, work pants, and caps.  We carry gloves, socks, headwer, work shirts, and so much more. Whatever you need for the varying weather combinations that are thrown at you this calving season, Renegade has you covered!


Now if you can’t make it in the store to get stocked up, no worries.  We have an online store that you can order from and have it delivered right to your door.  No need to leave and come to town anymore.  We can come to you, day or night, right from the comfort of your home or convenience of your phone.  So, remember Renegade to help you prepare for those calves hitting the ground this season!






Put Some Tin in Your Haul…..


‘Tis the Season for that unique and perfect gift for your special someone!  Do you know what you are giving?  If not, let Renegade help you put some Tin into your Christmas Haul.  Tin Haul creates apparel, accessories and footwear for those that wear their metal as badges of honor.


Now if you haven’t seen Tin Haul boots and footwear before, you truly are missing out on something.  Tin Haul cowboy boots showcase traditional western square toes and easy-wearing walking heels. The look is a tip of the hat to classic roper cowboy boots. Each pair of boots also features the traditional pull straps and v’d shafts that most of you Renegade shoppers seek. There is something a bit different and even, dare we say, a little risque about Tin Haul Boots with their leather treatments, colors, graphics, and story themes.  These could be some of the flashiest boots on the market that can set off your style and attitude!  

Tin Haul takes premium leathers and beats them into vintage submission with treatments that add wrinkling, heavily distressed marks, and scuffs that show off your edgy side.  Yes, the leathers are different and completely their own, and paired with the overlays, inlays, embroidery, and colors are absolutely show stopping!


What else you ask?  Well we haven’t even got to the best part of Tin Haul Bootyet……

1Renegade thinks that the most interesting design element on them are what you walk on.  The outsoles!  As you take each step, your family, friends, strangers, and heck, the whole world is amazed by the unique design under your feet. With each step of your stunning boots, style with brilliant, unique outsole designs in true brightness emerge.  

Some Tin Haul Boots tell a story and blend all the colors, graphics, and designs together, like the Don’t Fence Me In Beef BootPeacock Boot and the Benjamin Money Boot. Others have absolutely nothing in common from top to bottom, adding to the overall genius of them. Tin Haul boots demand that you “Wear Your Metal Out” and Renegade obeys. Tin Haul began with a mission to do something that has never been done before, and might we say, mission complete. Tin Haul was founded fairly recently in 2008 with influences from surfers and urban culture. But don’t think that Tin Haul is not truly doing what they do for the cowboy lifestyle.  They just want to make sure that you get one unique boot that without words, tells your story with each step!


Tin Haul offers more than just boots!  I know, hard to believe that there could still be more, but there is.  Tin Haul has a line of skater shoes and apparel for both men’s and ladies that are sure to turn heads anytime of the day or night.  From hoodies to jeans, Renegade carries a full, and we do mean full, selection of Tin Haul products.  “Wear Your Metal Out” from your head to your feet, or help that special someone on your Christmas List do so.  Stop in to Renegade today and check out what we have.  Can’t make it in?  Have no fear, check us out online at and let us help you put some Tin in your Christmas Haul this year!



What a Bad Bass…..



Renegade is always looking for new and exciting products for you, our loyal customers.  This boot is one way that we did that….by custom making a boot for you!  Here are a few facts about the “Big Bass” Boot here at Renegade.  And yes…these boots are a little fishy!

The foot of these boots is made from Pirarucu.  The arapaima, pirarucu, or paiche is a genus of bonytongue.  Pirarucu is one of the world’s largest fish and is native to the Amazon River.  These fish can grow up to 10 feet long and weigh up to 485 pounds.  Now that’s one big fish stick! 

amazon fish

Don’t think that these boots aren’t as durable as they are unique because they certainly are.  These fish have gigas scales that have a highly mineralized, very hard outer layer with a corrugated surface under which lie several layers consisting of collagen fibers.  The fibers in each successive layer are oriented at right angles to that of the previous layer for maximum toughness.  This structure is similar to that of plywood.  The hard corrugated surface of the outer layer, the soft but tough internal structured, collagen layer, and the hydration of the scales all contribute to their ability to flex while remaining strong. Anderson Bean has done their homework on making sure this hide holds up to the use of our hard working customers!


These boots are definitely cutting edge with a classy look.  You can’t go wrong with the double stitch welt, rust colored shaft, and white piping that help tie this boot together and provide a one of a kind, timeless look.  Feel free to try a pair of these boots on today, and find yourself saying, “Here Fishy, Fishy!”

Can’t make it into Renegade to try them on in person?  No worries.  Check this and many other great products out online.