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Creating the Ultimate Summer Look

We all have felt the struggle, and believe me, the struggle is real when it comes to putting together that perfect look! You have a certain goal and look in mind, but when it comes to pulling it all together, you leave your wardrobe in udder disappointment. We have all been there, and done that! But, one of the best ways to get the complete and ultimate look you crave is to put it all together in the store, or bringing in the pieces that you have at home already into the store. By doing this, you don’t have to wonder if it will all go together just the way you want it when you get home!

At Renegade, we help customers, men and women, along with all those littlest of cowboys and cowgirls too, find the perfect and complete look for any event or occasion. Now that the weather is starting to heat up, OK, let’s be real, we live in Nebraska and the weather sometimes just doesn’t want to cooperate, but the heat will set in and stay soon (fingers crossed)! We have some adorable looks that you are not going to want to miss out on.


Lookin’ Good Cowboy!

First off, let’s start with those hard-working, and hard-playing, cowboys out there! Renegade carries a large selection of short sleeved western shirts in both snap and button closures. A lot of these shirts now have breathable materials that help to wick the moisture away from your skin to keep you cooler too. We also have some comfortable and light-weight polo shirts that are perfect for those hot days when you want something a little dressier than a tee. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns and colors, guys. Show off your own unique and fun style and personality!



Where Are All the Ladies At?

Now, for the ladies. It is really fun to see the bohemian look still hot right now, but bold colors and fun prints are just as popular! Step out of your comfort zone this year and really turn those heads. Make a statement from your hat to your boots, with help from Renegade. You deserve to look your best, and we have the perfect layering pieces, jewelry, and casual shoes/sandals for you and your wardrobe! Now, what if you are needing a dress for an upcoming wedding, shower, or special occasion? Stop on in, or check us out online. We have a huge selection of adorable dresses that are just waiting for you! Add those sassy and fun accessories and really step out feeling like a million bucks!



Grab Those Shades

And the finishing touches are all at Renegade too! What is the best summertime accessory to have(besides a cold drink in your hand:)? That perfect pair of sunglasses. Renegade carries Bex Sunglasses. These sunglasses have all the comfort, durability, and protection that you could ever imagine, and they come in some amazing styles that you cannot go wrong with. Check out these bad boys today!




Those Adorable Kiddos

Don’t forget about those littlest of country kiddos! Renegade has the best of the top western brands that you know and trust for your little cowgirls and cowboys. I mean, “Mama, why not let your baby grow up to be a cowboy”? They may be little, but they like to strut around in their own unique style.



We Missed You!

Yes, it really has been a while since our last new blog post, and I vow that it will never be that long in between blogs again! But, in my defense, we have been pretty busy here at Renegade. For those of you who do not know, we opened a new location in Sioux Falls, SD at The Empire Mall late last fall. Now, Renegade is proud to have two physical locations and a booming online store to boot. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity to serve you, our amazing customers!  

Also, if you have been missing out on our Facebook contests, stop it and get on the band wagon!  We love our Facebook followers too, and we like to post our newest products, displays, looks, and events to our Facebook page first.  We have also been known to give a lot of different things away from shopping sprees, merchandise, event tickets, and huge savings to our Facebook followers.  If you haven’t already, check us out on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook today.  Like us on Facebook and make sure to follow us, this way you don’t miss out on all of the Renegade fun!

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Christmas Shopping Season is Almost Here……


It is hard to believe that here at Renegade, we are talking about the upcoming Christmas Season!  Where has the year gone?  It seems to have slipped away from all of us.  Now, we have the countdown on until Black Friday.  To help get you in the mood for the busiest of shopping seasons, we are trying something new this year!  This year, here at Renegade, we are doing Facebook Friday Flash Sales.  Every Friday until Black Friday, we will be offering all of you a chance to save BIG MONEY on a particular featured product.

To make sure that you see, and take advantage, of our Flash Sales, make sure to “Like” our Facebook Page (Renegade Stores).  If you do not have Facebook, no worries!  You can click on this link to view our Facebook Page anytime without having to have an account of your own.  These sales will be valid from the Friday posted until the close of business on the following Monday.  That is 4 HUGE days of savings that we are hoping you take advantage of.  If you cannot stop in the store to see us in person, these sales are good for online purchases as well.

Renegade is here to help you check off that shopping list and SAVE MONEY while you do it!  We hope to see you soon!!



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Ladies, Welcome to Spring?!?…..

Ok, so it doesn’t take a meteorologist to tell us that our “Spring” weather has had some issues with deciding what it wants to do.  Every Spring it seems that the weather seems to change daily, but this year I think we can all agree that there are days when it changes hourly!  Despite the polar opposite weather that seems to occur daily here, things are heating up at Renegade.  We have new items arriving daily to give you that perfect Spring look.  Now when I say Spring look, that could mean anything from hoodies or vests to shorts and capris now a days.  Whatever the weather, Renegade has you covered!



Renegade has the merchandise to create the perfect look for your entire family.  Even though this post is directed towards the ladies, we have it all!  There are so many unique looks that we can help you create.  Just stop in at Renegade today and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates help you create your perfect look for Spring!  Can’t make it in?  Don’t worry.  Renegade offers shopping 24/7 from the convenience of your home or cell phone.  Just shop online with us at


Let’s Wrap…..

Now that the shopping is either done or just about done, it’s time for the task of getting all of those perfect treasures wrapped and ready to deliver.  Renegade thought that we would give you some different ways to wrap your gifts this year.  We all like the bright bows and ribbons on fun printed wrapping paper, but did you know that there are some different ways to wrap your gifts that are just as jaw-dropping?  Here are a few ideas that we have come up with for you from our own techniques and styles for you this Christmas.


Sack It…..

Brown paper bags (like your old fashioned lunch bags) are a great, new twist on your typical gift bag.  Take your paper bag and decorate however you wish (that’s one of the best things about these ideas, there is no right or wrong way!).  You can use stickers, markers, paint, stamps, decals….whatever you have laying around the house.  We like to put the person receiving the gift’s name on the front.  Next, you can fold over the top of the bag, yep just like if there was a sack lunch in there.  Poke two little holes through the folded down flap, all the way through the back of the bag.  Finally, place a piece of twine or ribbon through the holes to keep the gift bag closed.  That’s it! Simple western wrapping at it’s finest.


Butcher It…..

Ok, not literally on this one, but close.  Buy a roll or two of, yep you guessed it, butcher paper.  Use it to wrap your gifts.  You can decorate the paper first if you want to with a poem, stamps, designs, or just leave it plain.  The possibilities are endless!  Wrap the package up with some twine.  Your ready to show off this timeless classic this Christmas.  What everyone won’t know is how easy it really was!


Read All About It…..

Who doesn’t have access to extra newspapers?  Use that old news and wrap up your Christmas presents with it.  We love doing this fun and easy wrapping paper all year long!  For that athlete on your list, use the sports section.  For that savory shopper you bought for, use the coupon section, and for those little kiddos use the comics!  Finish the look off with bright colored ribbons to add the extra Holiday touch.  Recycled elegance is what will happen when you try this.


Good Ole Days…..

Back in the old days, gifts and packages were mostly wrapped in cloth.  Why not do that now?  There are so many things that you can use for this look.  You can use burlap, pieces of fabric, dish towels, cloth diapers, or old denim just to name a few options.  Just place your gift in the middle of a chunk of cloth and bring up the corners to the middle and tie them together.  Bring back an old fashioned tradition this Christmas and actually be able to reuse the “paper” next year!  

These are just a few of the options that are out there for you to make your own twist on wrapping this year.  Take a look around your house and see just how creative you can be while showing off your style through your wrapping!


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Think Bunnies (Easter Bunnies that is)…..

It’s that time of year once again; the time of year to think about chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.  Renegade is here to help you with all that is not candy for Easter this year.  Renegade carries a wide selection of what you need to make sure that your special cowgirls and cowboys have their baskets overflowing.  


One thing that those buckaroos need come spring is a new hat.  Why not use that new hat as the basket for Easter this year.  Place that hat upside down and fill it up!!  You can line it with a colorful bandana or use the basket grass if you choose.  If you want it to be functional as a basket, use some twine and tie it through the hat eyelets on either side to make a handle for your basket.  Check out Renegade’s selection of children’s hats for your Easter basket needs this year!!

Renegade carries everything that you need from young to old to fill up those baskets right.  Check out the wide variety of perfumes and colognes, sunglasses, jewelry, and toys.  Trying to find those perfect items to fill up your hats can be stressful.  Stop into Renegade today for a one-stop shopping experience to get all those baskets filled up and ready to go!

If you are in need for that perfect Easter outfit for yourself or your entire family, Renegade has you covered.  From dresses, vests, suit coats, jeans, and boots, Renegade has just what you are looking for to make this the best and most fashionable Easter yet!  Stop in at Renegade today and let one of their friendly, knowledgeable sales associates help you today.  If you can’t make it in the store, no worries, check out Renegade’s online store at  Let Renegade help you complete your Easter checklist today!



Finding the Right Fit……


Making sure that your boots fit can be a lot harder than one thinks.  Renegade is here to help!  We offer a friendly, highly trained staff that will assist you in the store to make sure that your new investment fits properly. But what if you are shopping online or just researching your purchase at home?  Renegade would like to help you out there as well.  Here are some tips to remember when purchasing a boot that truly fits:

1. Forget about your shoe size! Boot sizes are different with every brand and bootmaker. People often find that they wear a narrower and slightly longer size in cowboy boots. This is because most boots have a somewhat higher heel, reducing your foot’s normal “spread.”

2. Expect some tug and pull. If your boots go on too easy, that’s a bad sign. Ideally, you want to stand up and give them a good strong pull. You want a cowboy boot to fit snug around the top of your foot …that’s what keeps your foot from sliding forward and smashing your toes.

3. With the boots on your feet, locate the ball of your foot. The widest part of your foot should sit on the widest part of the sole. Feel for the ball of your foot with your fingers on the outside of the boot, or try standing on your toes and seeing where your foot flexes. You’ll get the greatest comfort from a cowboy boot’s strong shank and arch support when you choose a boot with the right length.

4. Check the sole stitching. Once you’ve got the boots on your feet, can you still see all the stitches around the sole? Your toes should be touching, but not pushing against the inside of your boot. If your smallest toes hang over the stitching along the welt, then your boots are too short. In this case, try a slightly longer, narrower boot.

5. Walk around. Double check that your toes aren’t sliding forward.

6. Don’t panic when your heel slips. The soles of your boots are brand new and stiff. Bootmaker Sam Lucchese compared stepping into brand new boots to walking in a pair of skis. As you wear your boots, the soles will quickly break in and flex. The warmth and perspiration from your foot will also soften the leather and help “customize” your fit.

7. Wear, enjoy, and repeat!

Remember parents, kids are not immune to these issues.  Children need a proper fit in their boots as well.  Let Renegade help you size up your lil’ cowboys and cowgirls.

The same thing applies for work boots.  Many customers have the tendency to purchase their boots too big.  Renegade understands that some work boots, like steel-toed and met-guarded boots, are stiff and bulky.  This is not a reason to buy the boots too big.  When you get boots too big, your feet will be the one’s to suffer.  Blisters can occur in the toe area and especially in the heel-bed.  Also, you will not get as long of use out of the boots and your feet can severely hurt due to the support not hitting you in the right part of your foot.  Who wants to deal with a long shift at work like that?

Good work socks are huge!  If you have socks that you are wearing holes into, more than likely your boots are not fitting correctly.  Renegade carries a great selection of work boot and western boot socks to fit everyone’s needs.  Just remember that unless you want your feet to suffer, take the time to find the right fit in all of your boots.  Let Renegade help make sure that you get the most use out of your investment.  Renegade wants to take the time to make sure that you do!



Honoring our Soldiers!

Wrangler’s National Patriot Program is a great way to show support to those that protect our Freedom and our Land.

“Founded in 2009, the Wrangler® National Patriot™ is a year-round program developed to help raise funds to support American military veterans and their families and to serve as inspiration for all Americans to rally around each other in patriotism.

The program was seeded with a check for $50,000 donated by Wrangler in the name of cowboy legend and long-time friend of the Wrangler family, Jim Shoulders. The check was presented December 12, 2009 at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV.
“We have a high level of pride and respect for the individuals serving in the U.S. military who show heroism every day in an effort to protect our country. This is our chance to give back to those veterans who have suffered injuries fighting for our country’s safety and freedom, and to their families who have lost a loved one while on duty,” said Phil McAdams, president, Wrangler Specialty Apparel. “It is a cause we believe will resonate with the western industry and rodeo community in particular, and one they will get behind with sincerity.”
Wrangler will donate a portion of the proceeds of Wrangler National Patriot shirts to charities providing support to military veterans and their families. The Wrangler National Patriot shirts will be available at rodeos across the country as well as western specialty retailers (such as nationwide that carry Wrangler Western Wear.”
—Quoted from Offical Wrangler National Patriot Website


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