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What’s This Ferrini?…..


In our search to find you the best products at the best value, we ran across Ferrini Boots.  After looking at these great boots, of course we jumped on board.  Now, the brand is not as commonly known as some of our other brands, so I wanted to give you some information on these awesome boots!  



“The Ferrini Italia brand originates from generations of commerce in exotic skins and premium leathers , procuring  quality natural leathers from locations such as Africa, Indonesia, Argentina, Asia,  Australia and Louisiana and shipping to the finest boot and shoe craftsmen in the world.  Today, the fourth generation of the family takes advantage of this expertise, combining original designs and styling from their Italian shoes with centuries old connections to North American boot making traditions to produce a specialty line of exclusive leather products with careful attention to detail and finish.

“Ferrini’s worldwide access of leathers and full control of the process from procurement through tanning creates the unique opportunity to make a perfect choice of premium material for each unique style of handcrafted boot or shoe.  The result is better quality which means better fit and ultimate comfort.  Combine this quality with ever-evolving unique and exotic styles and you have a classic choice for every purpose and occasion and for every budget.

Each pair of Ferrini boots are handcrafted and include leather soles and lining, orthopedic cushioned foot bed and hand driven wooden pegs.  Ferrini’s full line of boots include:

Genuine Exotics:         Styles available in Caiman Crocodile, Lizard, Ostrich, Alligator, Kangaroo and Python.

Exotic Prints:               Quality leather boots with lasting exotic imprints originating from precision plates developed by Italian craftsmen.  Available in Caiman, Anteater, Alligator, Stingray, Sea Turtle, Python, Snake, Elephant and Ostrich.   A million dollar look with a leather boot price point!

Classic Leather:           Premium leather boots with styles ranging from classic western to our uniquely western influenced fashion boots.” (Information taken from


We offer all those ladies out there some great styles to choose from.  So, jump on the Ferrini bandwagon, we guarantee that you won’t regret it!

Shop with us in store or online 24/7!



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Lucchese Boots



It was 1880 when Sam Lucchese Sr. and his brothers came to America. Although he was just 17 years old, the young Lucchese had a vision for a career in boot making, and just three years later, the Lucchese Boot Company was established in San Antonio, Texas. The family’s dedication to its craft and to its customers kept the business alive, but it wasn’t until the early 1960s that the founder’s grandson and namesake decided to rethink the art of boot making.

The world has never known a finer, more knowledgeable craftsman than Sam Lucchese Jr. His fascination with, and comprehensive understanding of the human foot inspired him to create a boot design that fit like no other. And although Lucchese’s one-of-a-kind boot last design required more skill and time to produce, the result was a boot that quickly gained national recognition for its extraordinary comfort, quality and fit.

No other boot fits the human foot like a Lucchese boot, thanks to Lucchese’s original design, which remains the only one of its kind in boot making today. And because of a continuing commitment to this rare art, the making of a Lucchese boot takes time. From the careful selection and cutting of the finest grade of leathers, to the hand-driven lemon wood pegs and meticulous finishing of a boot, each step is considered critical to our finished product. Our boot designs may demand more money, time and skill, but when you slip your foot into a Lucchese boot, you’ll know why we insist on only the finest.

“The final truth is that throughout the whole boot factory, the quality chain is no stronger than its weakest link.”
– Sam Lucchese Jr.

There is no substitute for the experienced hands of a true boot maker. Every pair of Lucchese boots is hand-inspected, not once, but twice. And although we skive our leather seams by machine, we repeat the process a second time by hand. In virtually every one of our procedures, we rely on human hands to complete the task to near-perfection.

“If you cut leather for your boots in the same way you would carve up a meat carcass for your dinner table, you will be in good shape.”
– Sam Lucchese Jr.

Every inch of a Lucchese boot is made of the finest grade of leathers. We know these near-perfect skins are often more expensive, but you can’t put a price on unprecedented fit, quality and comfort.


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Anderson Bean Boots

Anderson Bean Boot Company values the traditions of Texas bootmaking, they build their boots to offer all the comfort and style of a traditional handmade boot at a price most people can afford.
Anderson Bean was created by the owners of Rios of Mercedes Handmade Boots to make available a high quality, all leather western boots that would fall in the medium price range.
The independent (Anderson Bean) label has since evolved to include a full line of boots for every purpose, all at an affordable price and all built with the knowledge and expertise of over 100 years of exceptional boot making. Always faithful to the tradition of quality bootmaking, it is evident in their attention to detail inside and outside the boot.
At Anderson Bean they realize that, contrary to what many boot companies today seem to think, what you can’t see does matter. That’s why Anderson Bean is one of the last bootmakers around to use channeled welt construction, which recesses the stitching in a groove in the leather insole, resulting in a distinctive low profile and eliminating the need for cork or foam rubber fillers. Anderson Bean boots stand out in the mid-price boot market for their all-leather construction.

About the only non-leather components of Anderson Bean boots are the steel shank for arch support and brass or wooden pegs in the arch area, an old-fashioned method that aids arch support and holds the outsole and vamp to the insole.
These features exemplify our respect for our Texas bootmaking heritage, and the A.B. commitment to good-fitting boots. The result is a boot that is a cut above the rest in looks and construction, at an affordable price.

Anderson Bean builds their boots honestly, without shortcuts, gimmicks, or tricks, to bring you the traditions of the bootmaker’s art.
We think that the styles featured at Renegade will prove that Anderson Bean boots can satisfy the genuine boot wearer, and offer something extra–handmade quality, in the South Texas tradition.
Anderson Bean Boots & Horsepower by Anderson Bean are now available at Renegade in Norfolk or online at

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Fitting Cowboy Boots

Fitting Cowboy Boot

Why is it different?

Most of us at one time in our lives have tried on a pair of tennis shoes right? I am sure the sales person or maybe mom did the “toe check”, “Is there enough room for the foot to grow?”, “Is your toe touching the end?”. When it comes to Boot buying we have to break that habit. Boots serve a different purpose then tennis shoes and therefore are made different and fit differently.

Fitting Pointers

When deciding what size to start with either ask a sales associate to measure your foot or simply start with your normal shoe size (you can always go up or down). Make sure you try both the left and right one on to be sure they are comfortable. Pull on boots have a unique feel when putting them on. Once your toes are in it will feel like your heel won’t fit, this is when you put your fingers through the “Pull Tabs” on the very top of the boot and pull up. Your heel should snap down in the boot. That step can be a little tough the first few times you put the boots on but will get easier as the boots break in.

Is the length size right?

Once your foot is in you should find the widest part of the boot (it normally sits right behind the stitching on the toe), the widest part of your foot(normally the ball of your foot) should hit in this spot. If this lines up correctly there should be room to wiggle your toes, the arch of your foot should sit above the arch of the boot, and your heel should have some room to move. Now, take a walk in the boots your foot should not slide forward or backward but your heel should lift off the insole about a quarter of an inch. This heel slippage will go away as the boot breaks into your foot. Be sure that there is room in the heel but NOT that the heel feels loose. If it is too loose the boot will not fit properly and will a) hurt your foot or b) your foot will hurt the boot.

Is the width size right?

Men’s Western Boots: C(narrow), D(average), EE(wide)
Ladies’ Western Boots: A(narrow), B(average), C(wide)
Kids’ Western Boots: All run on a Men’s size scale and are produced in a C width–Also, you should go down a 1/2 size from a kids normal shoe size when fitting them in a boot.
When you are trying on boots you want them to feel snug not tight or uncomfortable, because Cowboy Boots are made out of leather and leather stretches. However, still make sure you have room in your heel. Sometimes people are wide at the ball of there foot and narrow at the heel, this tends to make the Cowboy Boot feel really loose, it is important to remember you should always fit the widest part of your foot. There are inserts you can purchase to heal this problem. Renegade carries and insert “Stop heel Slide” that is simply $3.99 and takes up the extra space that can sometimes be a problem in the heel.

So as you can see fitting a Western Cowboy Boots is much different then fitting a tennis shoe or high heel. You want to keep in mind sizes very between brands and the Brannock foot device that we use to measure your foot is a starting point, most often it is right but it is not always exact.You can print off your own Brannock device from our “Size Guide” page, there is a Men’s Size Guide and a Ladies’ Size Guide (and remember Kids run on a Men’s Size Scale)

Hope this was helpful!

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