Wrap ‘Em and Tag ‘Em…..

17 Dec


It’s almost Christmas, as hard as that is to believe, and just like you, we are busy with the last minute shopping, baking, and of course wrapping.  Now last Christmas, I gave you some “untraditional” ways to wrap those treasures.  This year though, I want to show you some ways to get creative while tagging them!

I know, believe me I know, that it is way easier and quicker to go and buy those lovely sticker ones from most any major retailer.  But, why not make a statement this year?  Why not have those receiving your gifts feel just a little more special?  These tag ideas don’t have to take half of the month of December to make!  Some of these are quick, easy, and unique, but leave your presents looking even better than Santa’s.  Here are just a few ideas to craft up your gifts:


Let’s start with some very eye-catching but simple ideas.  Take the either the pre-bought stock tags or make some of your own out of card stock or heavy weight craft paper and decorate with old sheet music!  It is so simple and beautiful.  Add some buttons, rhinestones, or bows to finish it off!  


This tag is super simple.  Once again, start with a pre-bought or make a tag template.  Add some cotton balls and a couple of tiny sticks to make a snowman.  Top him off with a sharpie and you are set!

4 9 8

Who knew that paint samples can be so festive!?  Check out these great ideas for making tags out of paint samples!  Very simple and adorable!


Fabric tags could quite possibly be some of my favorite gift tags.  Just take your tag template and glue some fabric of your choice on.  Add a piece of card stock in the center to write names on, or just marker the names right on the fabric. 


I LOVE this one!  Cut out your tag from paper or newpaper.  Paint a swatch of chalkboard paint onto the center of tag and let dry.  Write their name in chalk to complete the tag!  Try it using different chalk paint colors and different backgrounds.


Who doesn’t like Scrabble?  Take those pesky letters and create a tag that is truly a one and only.  You can glue the letters to your tag, or even make them into a key chain for use all year long!


Use a recipe card for your name tags this year!  Give that special person a little extra gift with a recipe printed or handwritten on the back of the tag.  This is something that is sure to please!

12 2

The ideas and possibilities are endless!  And part of the fun is that there is no wrong way to do these!  So….get creative and have fun while tagging all of those precious gifts this year.  Don’t forget to check out those looks of approval and awe when they see that special touch on their present!

Remember, Renegade has gifts for everyone on your list!  If you can’t stop in, shop online with us at anytime day or night.  Happy wrapping and tagging and to all a good night!



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